Are YouTube Networks Good?

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Are YouTube networks good or bad? Are they worth it? Should you join a network, or MCN (multi-channel network)? Perhaps, but before you sign a binding and legal contract, it’s important to understand what they offer and if it makes sense for you.

For example, if you are unable to join the YouTube Adsense program, then joining a network more makes. Or, if a network offers a perk that you cannot easily obtain on your own, then it may make sense to join. For example, Salma Jafri joined the entrepreneur YouTube network and this allowed her content to be syndicated to the Entrepreneur YouTube channel. That’s extra added exposure for Salma that she could not get without joining the network.

Here’s a general rule to follow:

Don’t sign with a network for perks that you can easily access on your own. For example, some networks offer perks, such as TubeBuddy or Epidemic Sounds in order to gain help growing your channel.

  • Tubebuddy is relatively inexpensive, futhermore … lifetime sales.
  • Epidemic sounds is great. But, you can download free music tracks inside of YouTube. Or, you can spend a few bucks and pick out tracks you like.

What’s important to understand is this:

Networks get a percentage, which means that over the coming weeks and months they get a significant cut of the money YOUR channel generates. That’s a big deal and it adds up! Imagine, your channel generates $1,000 of earnings. Cool right, you bet … but you don’t keep $1,000. You keep $600. This is a 60 / 40 split which is typical for some networks.

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