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Proper YouTube keyword research in 2018 allows any channel, no matter subscriber size, the opportunity to rank videos and drive more views. In this tutorial video, I share my five-step process that has allowed me to continuously rank videos, even in an incredibly competitive niche market. The process begins by paying attention to the number of video results that YouTube has indexed for the target keyword phrase. This is common practice.  It’s important but also overlooked.

Next, I pay attention to the top twenty ranking videos and how many views each video has. The goal is to identify a target keyword phrase where smaller channels (based on subscriber numbers) have ranked their video with a relatively small amount of views. Of course, the amount of views and subscriber size is based on two factors: the target keyword phrase and the subscriber of your current channel.

Relevancy is another powerful factor that can be leveraged to boost rankings and thus video views. As you research your next target keyword phrase, make sure to pay attention to how well each of the ranking videos has optimized their video titles for relevancy. Fewer videos that have optimized for relevancy means the bigger ranking boost you’ll get if you leverage my video 12 step YouTube SEO optimization process.

Lastly, I study each of the top ten ranking videos, paying extra attention to the top five video results. My goal is to identify why these videos have done so well and study the tone of the video and the creator who published the video. Is the message delivery funny, serious, to the point, etc?  When it comes to ranking on YouTube, nothing is more important than how the video creator comes across on camera and the top five video results provide insight that we can use to model success.

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