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This is a story about a road trip, one standard poodle, how I became the world’s first Poodle Wrangler and in the process exploded my business. More so, it’s about how you can leverage a powerful asset that only you possess, by owning your greatness and celebrating that which makes you different. That is, if you’re courageous enough to step into your light.

“History honors the unique minority that the majority cannot forget.”
Suzy Kassem

Our story begins in 2007, when I began to take my business in a new direction. For years I had generated serious game-changing income thanks to the internet. I was grateful for where I was at. I was able to quit my day job as a professional chef and I was generating, life-changing income.

However, knowing what I know today, I could have achieved so much more with what I had. What I had was the life blood of any successful online business, which is traffic. I built simple, anonymous websites that drove traffic to various affiliate offers. While I made good money, I never truly built my own business. Rather, I sent my traffic to someone else’s site and in the process, built their business. Visitors to these sites never really knew who Brian G. Johnson was. They landed on my sites, clicked a link or banner and were gone. I was anonymous and thus, opportunities were few and far between.

What I was lacking was a memorable brand and customer base. These two elements are critical and it’s why successful companies such as Coke, Pepsi, Apple and Nike invest and nurture their brand identities.

Building A Brand Means

  • No Prospecting

  • No Beating Down Doors

  • No Cold Calling

Memorable brands are sought out and opportunities flow to them. Imagine having customers seek you out and spend their money with you. Imagine being contacted by individuals and companies who want to work with you. Great branding puts you in a position to get more of what you want. For me, this includes more speaking opportunities, more partnership deals and most importantly, being able to impact more people each and every day.

“To me, great marketing is sharing a memorable message
that prompts people into action.”

Brian G. Johnson

Around this same time, I had convinced my wife that owning a standard poodle would be a good thing for the both of us. She reluctantly agreed and we began making plans to add Otis to our family. In typical entrepreneur fashion I spotted an opportunity to create a product (a poodle grooming video). All the success elements were in place, there was demand and my breeder had groomed poodles for ages. After a phone call, my breeder and I decided to make a go of it.

At the time, I lived in Minnesota and my breeder lived in Alabama. In crazy Brian G. thinking, I decided that the logistics offered opportunity for an adventurous road trip. I mentioned this adventure to my dad and he wanted in. We packed up the car and headed south to pick up Otis, capture video and create a product.

My dad and I spent three nights with my breeder. Oh my, the time we had! We slept on a blow-up mattress for a few nights as one Enya CD was pumped into our bedroom and the adjoining room which housed dozens of cute baby poodles. The music kept the puppies from hearing bumps in the night and thus, barking. Which was all well and good, except that two speakers were also in the room my dad and I were staying in.

All. Night. Long. Enya.
Non-stop Enya, that is until I tweaked, woke up at some insane hour and cut the stereo cord.
No. More. Enya.

During the day we shot video. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t understand 99% of the buttons on the fancy HD camcorder, however I was able to point, shoot and zoom. Which, by the way, is more than enough knowledge to create amazing videos. After a few days, it was time to pack things up and bring Otis home.

As soon as we got Otis into the car, he cried. No, actually he wailed. My heart broke and I’m not ashamed to mention that I shed a tear. My dad, Otis and myself headed down an Alabama dirt road with thoughts of Minnesota on our mind. Within 48 hours, a few barf episodes and various bad “on the road” meals, we were back home in Minnesota. My wife Amanda and my father’s wife Sherrie anxiously awaited our arrival. We pulled into the driveway, got out and within seconds, Amanda fell in love.

During this period we celebrated Otis’s birthdays, took him on lots of walks and he got into all kinds of trouble as any four legged friend is bound to do. During this time, Otis began to creep into my content, in my emails and on my webinars.

Webinars! Often, during my webinar presentations, Otis would interrupt with his loud barks to the point of me having to stop presenting for a minute. However, very few people seemed to mind. In fact, many of those people mentioned that they loved Otis and they became my customers.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” John Muir

In 2010, my wife was contacted by a recruiting agency about a possible career move. Her replies to these calls were always the same. “I’m not interested unless it’s in Colorado.” The gentleman on the line replied, “Ah yes, it’s in Colorado Springs.” I knew in my heart that we would soon be living back in my beloved state of Colorado. Earlier in my life, from 1988 to 1991, I lived in Colorado and loved it. My wife and I often took ski trips and we spoke about making the move west.

I had always loved the west, cowboys, the long view and the warm mountain sun. Just as I had openly shared stories of Otis in my content, many of these themes began to shape what I shared. These western themes began to impact the verbiage I used, the clothing I wore and generally how I lived my life. I may not be a true cowboy, however I like to think of myself as a “digital cowboy”. Cowboys make their own rules, they live in the “wild west”, every day is an adventure and they love poodles. Ok, I might have made that last part up. But you get the idea.

I’m not sure when exactly I combined the words Poodle and Wrangler, but it happened. I enjoy it, as do others. It’s memorableout, and it’s different.

Better Versus Different

“Different is better than better. Different does not try to turn you into something else. Different allows you highlight the singular traits you already have within you. You aren’t necessarily better than your competition, but you are already different. As a marketplace becomes ever more crowded, strengths matter less than differences. Strengths become the standard.”Sally Hogshead

During the last few years, I wrote and released the book Trust Funnel and began to further shape my personal brand by sharing images, pictures, memes, videos and content that offered value and highlighted my Poodle Wranglin’ lifestyle.

I STAKED my claim and my message.

Over the last few years, good things and opportunities have come to me almost effortlessly. I don’t believe it would have been possible without creating a memorable brand. Now, it’s your turn! Here’s your chance to access my brand-building blueprint, Memorable Messenger.

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