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Not getting any views on YouTube? It’s actually a very common problem and people struggle to get any views at all. What is important to note is that the YouTube algorithm in 2018 and beyond rewards videos that keep viewers watching. Know this, if a viewer bails on your video early then that particular video will most likely not be promoted across the YouTube website.

“But Brian, my video quality is fine.”

This is something I hear often and my answer is always the same. That is not for you to decide my friend. Because it’s the viewers who will decide if your video quality is fine or above average.

“But Brian, I have fully optimized my videos and have leveraged your YouTube Keyword Research methods?”

Selecting the right keyword phrase can absolutely help you to drive more views, however, if people are not watching much of your video that won’t help.

“But Brian, I put so much time and energy into my videos!”

Sadly, nobody cares about that including YouTube.

At the end of the day, if you do not publish videos that people like, then you will struggle on YouTube. How do we know what videos people like? Well, as mentioned in this video, YouTube has gone on record and mentioned that they reward engaging videos that keep people watching. You can track just how much people watch inside of your YouTube analytics via “audience retention”.

This is such an important metric that YouTube crunches the data three different ways:

  • View Duration
  • Absolute Audience Retention
  • Relative Audience Retention

The goal, according to YouTube is to keep people watching. Do that and you will get views on YouTube my friend.

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