How to Outsource Video Editing

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Wondering how to outsource video editing to scale your business or YouTube venture? In 2017, I edited over 200 videos and I’m glad I did. Learning how to edit allowed me to come up with my own editing style, which greatly impacted the look and “feel” of my videos. However, along the way it became very clear that I would need to outsource my video if I wanted to achieve my goals online. After all, there are only so many hours in a day and it’s impossible to get it all done.

This brings me to VIDCHOPS, the company that edits my videos for me. Allowing me to coach, create courses, speak and more. VIDCHOPS was created by Augie Johnson, a highly successful YouTuber with well over 175,000 subscribers. Augie created VIDCHOPS to free up YouTubers allowing them to do other things with their time. Whether that means spending more time in front of the camera (and publishing more videos), or doing all the other things that go with running a successful video marketing operation.

VIDCHOPS Bonus Offer

Sign up with VIDCHOPS using this affiliate link and I will offer you a 30 minute one on one channel review and more. Check out the video above to learn about my entire VIDCHOPS bonus.

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