How To Get More Views on YouTube in 2018

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1) Identify YouTube Target Keyword

Using the YouTube search bar, identify one keyword phrase that most accurately describes your video. You’ll optimize your video based on this phrase, resulting in a highly relevant video. Which is one of the most important YouTube ranking factors.

2) Exact Match Title

Begin your video title with the YouTube target keyword phrase that you identified in step one. Adding only the exact YouTube target keyword phrase to the video title will greatly improve the SEO factors for that one keyword phrase. Allowing to improve the ranking potential of your video.

3) Exact Match Description

Create a description that clearly communicates what your video is about and why potential viewers should watch. Make sure to include your target keyword phrase from step one in the first sentence. This will boost your video SEO once again. Furthermore, the first few sentences of the description show up in search results.

4) Meta Tag Ritual

First, add the YouTube target keyword phrase that you identified in step one as a tag. Second, add three to five longtail keyword phrases that you identify in YouTube that also contain your target keyword. For example, if the target keyword phrase was “YouTube Keyword Tool” you would add “youtube keyword tool alternatives”, “youtube keyword tool for video marketers”, etc.. Third, add a singular keyword that are related to your video. Fourth, add a single and unique “channel tag” that you add to all your videos. This will improve your suggested video results.

5) Official Playlist Ritual

Add your video to an official playlist, or create a new official playlist. Theming videos by leveraging official playlists typically results in more views, as well as more minutes watched. Get your videos noticed and win the click by creating a playlist thumbnail template by incorporating one or more of the following elements. The same color palettes, icons, imagery, words and thumbnail style.

6) Official Playlist Ritual

Upload a custom thumbnail that is enticing, simple, clean and clearly communicates one big idea (the focus of the video). Simple “less is more” thumbnails stand out on YouTube and often “win the click”. Thumbnails are most often viewed as very small images, design accordingly. If your video will be published to an official playlist. Then think about creating and sticking to a “playlist thumbnail template.” This can result in a powerful brand statement in searches and suggested videos.

  • Contrasting colors pop
  • Incorporate a border in your design
  • Fewer and bigger words makes it easier for viewers to understand
  • 1920 x 1080
  • Thumbnails need to be less than 2 megs in size
  • Incorporate brand elements to makes it easy for viewers to remember your channel

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The community tab offers functionality similar to Facebook. YouTubers can post text-based status updates, add images or even poll their subscriber base and ultimately bring subscribers back. One of the metrics that the algorithm measures.

7) Add A YouTube Card

YouTube cards can result in more minutes watched. Even better, you get to decide which videos you push views to. In essence, helping you to increase the authority of videos. Cards can also be used to drive visitors to your associated website or another channel. Be mindful not to add cards early in your video, this will essentially reduce viewing time. Which is a major YouTube ranking factor.

8) Add A YouTube End Screen

Add end screen elements as needed. Tip: identify the number one goal of your YouTube channel. Then create a clear “less is more” call to action during the last twenty seconds of your video, that draws attention to your goal. Example: if you want to grow your subscriber base, then create a clear call to action that tells viewers to subscribe as your video draws to a close.

9) Monetize Your Video

If you’re monetizing your videos with Adsense. Then maximize ad revenue by studying your analytics and specifically what type of ad units are driving the highest CPM. Incorporate more these types of ad units into your video.

10) Promote Your Video

As soon as you’ve published your video, share and syndicate it across other platforms. This includes social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and or on your blog (if you have one). Mailing your list (if you have a mailing list) and linking them to YouTube (verses your blog) is recommended as it will result in more YouTube authority over time. The more views you’re able to push over the first 72 hours the better.

11) Engagement Ritual

Since you’re logged into your creator studio, now’s a great time to reply to any comments that have been left on your channel. Engagement is what drives success on YouTube. If someone took the time to comment, then take the time to reply.

12) Study Your Audience Retention

One of the most important ranking factors is audience retention. That is, how long people are watching. By studying this metric (relative audience retention) in your analytics dashboard, over time you’ll, identify video elements that keep viewers watching longer. The very thing that YouTube has publicly said they reward.

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