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I’d like to tell you a story. A story about creating opportunity, thinking outside the box and choosing yourself instead of waiting to be chosen. As I write this, I’m heading home to Colorado Springs cruising at 30,000 feet. My seating status has just been upgraded to first class, for the second time in days! Ka BOOM! POOF! Pixie Dust! It would seem that Lady Luck has been on my side these last few days, or has it? Last weekend I attended a marketing conference in Atlanta and while I was not asked to speak at the event, I did just that on several occasions. Doing so allowed me to share my message:

#StakeYourClaim #AmplifyYourMessage 

It also paid for my flight, hotel, meals and resulted in several new coaching students. As you may guess, I had all kinds of fun at the event.  That’s usually what happens at these gatherings. If that wasn’t enough, I also had the chance to create a video for NAMS 14 which I was able to introduce during the closing ceremonies. I feel blessed and fortunate; however,  this fortune was not handed to me. I asked for it on several occasions, each time I got a “yes.”  My goal with this blog post is to share how you too can choose yourself and in the process find a path that leads to the results you’re after. It begins by finding a way to add unique value to the world.

Contribute & Add Value

The story began weeks prior, I received a private message from NAMS founder and all around amazing guy David Perdew. David was wondering if I would be attending NAMS 14, the event I mentioned above.  He also said that he’d like me to be a “shark” on the NAMS Shark Tank panel, which would be modeled after the popular TV SHOW. Attending live events has the potential to expand your network resulting in more clients, joint venture deals and more. However, it’s also time away from home where I’m at my most productive.

Success in this business is tied to the ability to add value to the lives of others. I do that by creating content in the form of books, training courses, videos, blog posts and more. When I attend events, my productivity drops and it’s an additional expense. Speaking at an events does offset the expense.  It also increases visibility and thus authority. While I wanted to attend, doing so without speaking or being able to contribute to the event in a meaningful manner was tough. Especially when I’m busy writing another book (Tube Ritual), launching a new website and extending my platform.

Dream a mighty big dream into reality.Brian G. Johnson
However, I had an idea that would allow me to add value by creating an engaging video that captured the spirit of the NAMS community while attending. Pictures would also be easy to capture while I was there, those would be a bonus. I also could share these video(s) and pics with my audience, which would draw attention to the NAMS event. Furthermore, David could publish the video to his YouTube channel and share it at the event itself.

That’s adding value and in a unique way.  It’s unique because I brought the idea to him.

For months I had been studying video editing and YouTube marketing. Not only had I been studying, but I had been creating new videos with the goal of taking my video content to the next level. I talked about my video goals on Facebook and many people including David were already aware of my mission. This is important because it established that I was serious about video creation prior to my offer to David. Thus, it framed my offer and the value I could contribute in a positive light.

I asked David to call me because I had something I wanted to run by him. Several minutes later, the phone rang and I shared my idea. During the conversion I mentioned that in order to make it happen, I wanted to be compensated for my flight and hotel. He agreed and a deal was struck. I found a way to add value to NAMS 14 and David was in agreement. I would come to the event, create a fun and engaging video which I would share with my tribe. Now, I was committed to attending and committed to creating something awesome. Since I was attending for sure, I thought “I wonder if I could hold a paid workshop one day prior to NAMS getting started.”  I had been working on some in-depth branding strategies that could form the core of a hands on workshop. A workshop where I would work one on one with the attendees and help them shape their own memorable message. Once again, this would add value to the lives of others.

Memorable Messenger Live!

Once again, the idea was run by David and he was in agreement. I thought it made sense to have a partner.  After all, this was my first event. While it was a small event, it was an event nontheless. I dialed up my pal and communications strategist Felicia Slattery and asked her if she would like to join me. She did not hesitate and a plan was coming together. Felicia put together a simple sales page, I created a video to include on the page and soon we were set to take orders.

Our goal was to sell a dozen tickets, this would allow us to spend considerable time with each one of the attendees. We truly wanted to (and did) work one on one with those who attended. Several weeks later, we began to post to Facebook about the workshop. I created a simple graphic using some of my favorite iOS apps and wrote a bit of copy. Within a few days we had sold 11 spots. On the day of our event we had a total of twelve attendees.



Just what we had hoped for!

Several attendees were so excited about the content that they wanted to work with us both in a coaching capacity. Just like that a few more dollars were generated. I want to mention that it’s not just about the money and driving sales. Rather, it’s the ability to work with people one on one, to help them to achieve their dreams and goals and to add value to their lives. For me, that’s my ultimate motivation. Doing that and pairing it with “buy buttons” has made me money, year after year.

After the “Memorable Messenger” workshop the official NAMS event began. I switched from “brand messaging teacher” to mad video creation scientist and I began to capture pictures and video during the event. I brought along all my gear including my Canon 70D, a fancy shotgun mic, a tripod and more. I also set up my very old MacBook Pro with Final Cut Pro in order to edit my footage into a video master piece. To be honest, I was a bit worried. I was not sure if my MacBook could pull off the editing job and it struggled for sure. However me and that laptop created a cool engaging video which I titled “Getting To NAMS”.

The video was completed by the last day and I thought how nice it would be if I was able to announce my video to the entire NAMS audience during the closing ceremonies. Yet again, I asked David and he agreed. That makes three times that I created my own opportunity. That’s three times I got to share my gifts, add value and #StakeMyClaim!


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Why This Worked

One: I Made My Mission Known

Prior to sharing my idea with David I had already been focused on creating awesome, engaging videos. This was not a fly by night idea, this was something I was committed to. You can do the same, announce to the world you’re intentions and begin to take steps to make those intentions a reality.

Two: I Have A Following

One of the ways I was and am able to bring value to people is by drawing attention to people, places or things. This is possible because I have created a following. You can do the same by focusing on building your tribe one step at a time.

Three: I Asked

While this seems simple, and rightfully so, it is. I asked. Often times in life, you have to ask in order to get what you want. The very best way to ask, is to clearly communicate how you’ll add value. I’ll also mention that it must be believable for the one holding the cards. This is why it’s critical that you begin to take action and focus on a single mission.

Now It’s Your Turn

You can find your own way and get what you want too. You don’t need to wait for anyone to choose you. Focus on one mission and share that one mission publicly via your favorite social media channels. Having one clear mission that you share and talk about on social media makes it easy for people close to you understand the value you can bring to their lives.

Note: This does not work if you’re constantly shifting from one thing to the next.

Make your own way and do so with conviction, the world takes notice of on a mission. Furthermore, by making things happen you’ll gain momentum. In my case, I had (and still am) on a video mission. I’m on the second leg of my flight now flying somewhere over Texas. I’m proud of myself for making these opportunities come to life. I’m excited to work with a handful of coaching students in the coming days and weeks.

It was a good weekend. A very, good weekend. Thanks to David Perdew who said yes on those three occasions. Thanks to Felecia Slattery.  I learn from you daily, my friend. Thanks to the eleven folks who signed up for our little branding get together and thanks to those that were in my NAMS video. I wonder when I’ll create the next live vlogging video, perhaps it will be for Ken McArthur’s Impact event in Denver. Speaking of events. I’m thinking of holding a two day “brand messaging and traffic generating” workshop in Denver this fall. Would you be interested in attending?

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