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Juggernaut: Throwin’ Shade by Nick Nimmin Can I mention just how amazing my ‘job’ is? This was truly an amazing experience and would not have been possible without the help of my pal and founding …


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My Upload Process Built Into TubeBuddy! This video walks you through the step by step youtube upload process that I use daily to drive more views and grow my channel. Access and download TubeBuddy using …


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Morningfame is a software suite designed by YouTubers, for YouTubers. It’s also invite only, use the link below to get started today. Get Started w. Morningfame

How to Outsource Video Editing

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Wondering how to outsource video editing to scale your business or YouTube venture? In 2017, I edited over 200 videos and I’m glad I did. Learning how to edit allowed me to come up with …

YouTube Keyword Research 2018

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Proper YouTube keyword research in 2018 allows any channel, no matter subscriber size, the opportunity to rank videos and drive more views. In this tutorial video, I share my five-step process that has allowed me …

Are YouTube Networks Good?

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Are YouTube networks good or bad? Are they worth it? Should you join a network, or MCN (multi-channel network)? Perhaps, but before you sign a binding and legal contract, it’s important to understand what they …

How To Get More Views on YouTube in 2018

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1) Identify YouTube Target Keyword Using the YouTube search bar, identify one keyword phrase that most accurately describes your video. You’ll optimize your video based on this phrase, resulting in a highly relevant video. Which …

YouTube Algorithm Changes for 2018

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When it comes to the YouTube Algorithm in 2018, change is the one constant that we can expect. This got me wondering, how do newly added YouTube features impact the YouTube algorithm and, ultimately, which …